Texas 2014

The ManKind Project South Central(Texas and Louisiana) invites you to join us November 7th, 8th and 9th for a life affirming weekend, honoring the best in what GBTQ men have to offer the planet.

WHAT IS IT: The New Warrior Training Adventure weekend is a real time hero’s journey, and the challenge of a lifetime. This is not a retreat, a conference, or a workshop. We invite men to join us for a safe, cutting edge “sex, alcohol, and drug free” life-changing experience, 48 hours to look at your life as a man among men without distractions.

HOW LONG IS IT: Exact times vary, but 5 PM FRIDAY until 4 PM SUNDAY is usual.

WHAT YOU WILL GET: You’ll get more than you’re willing to hope for: purpose, passion, vibrancy, joy, healing, connection to self, new energy, clarity, power, freedom, understanding, brotherhood, trust. Nearly 50,000 men have now taken this journey, and every man’s experience has been unique.

WHAT DOES IT COST: Prices vary according to location, average is $675 US. This includes all accommodations, meals and materials. Financial assistance and payment plans are often available.

WHO RUNS IT: The ManKind Project International. We are a 27 year-old nonprofit organization with a proven track-record of helping men grow, flourish, and build community. We want your life to be ALL that you want it to be. We want you to be healthy in mind, body and spirit, to feel valuable and powerful as a mature man in the world. We want a culture that is safe, supportive and vibrant for our partners, families, kids and grand-kids. If you want that too, then take this to heart – this training will have a profound impact on you and all those you care about.

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