Contact a GBTQ+ Man

These gay, bisexual/pansexual, trans*, and queer (GBTQ+) men have volunteered to answer your questions, to listen to what you are seeking, and to assist you in your consideration of attending an open event, open men’s group, or your enrolling in the New Warrior Training Adventure.

They’re here to connect. It’s connection and trust, after all, that can break down the fear and isolation that blocks living our lives fully.

Got questions? Give one of our volunteers a call!

USA/East Coast


Tim Sharpe
Tim Sharpe – (617) 777-2179

Massachusetts/Cape Cod

Tom Reilly
Tom Reilly – (774) 722-1105


Daniel Rodriguez Schlorff
Daniel Rodriguez Schlorff – 203-803-3540

New Jersey/New York

Rich Kiamco
Rich Kiamco – (917) 498-1810

New York/Long Island

Michael Limone
Michael Limone – (203) 273-9303

Mid Atlantic

Richard L. Warren 443-848-8484


Bernie Kettle
Bernie Kettle – (203) 622-6004

USA/South Central


Greg Gondron
Greg Gondron – (713) 907-3600


Jason Sipkowsk
Jason Sipkowski – (512) 299-3557

USA/West Coast

California/Los Angeles

Paul Munoz
Paul Munoz – (626) 755-8800

California/Palm Springs

Salvatore Manzi
Salvatore Manzi – (415) 244-2543