Talk To a Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer Man

Talk To A Man

These men have volunteered to answer your questions, to listen to what you are seeking, and to assist you in your consideration of attending an open event, open men’s group, or your enrolling in the New Warrior Training Adventure.

We’re here to connect, because it’s connection and trust that can break down the fear and isolation that blocks living our lives fully.  Got questions? Give one of our volunteers a call!

New England
Tom Reilley
Tom Reilly     (774) 722-1105
Bernie Kettle
Bernie Kettle     (203) 622-6004
Los Angeles
Eddie Wilson
Eddie Wilson     (917) 570-9034
New York
Michael Limone
Michael Limone     (203) 273-9303
New Jersey
Pete Lenz
Pete Lenz     (201) 341-1499
Tim Sharpe
Tim Sharpe     (617) 777-2179
Washington DC-MD-VA
Kelly Cresap     (301) 445-9691
Kelley MacMillan
Kelley MacMillan     (410) 299-4452
Central Plains
Tim Thompson
Tim Thompson     (402) 210-5804
Tom Weaver
Tom Weaver     (612) 281-5230
San Diego
David Baka
David Baka     (619) 227-5617
Los Angeles
Paul Munoz
Paul Munoz     (626) 755-8800
San Francisco
Salvatore Manzi
Salvatore Manzi     (415) 244-2543
Darrell Johnson     (514) 213-5502
Metro New York Tri-State Area
Rich Kiamco
Rich Kiamco     (917) 498-1810
Texas – Louisiana – South Central
Greg Gondron
Greg Gondron     (713) 907-3600
Jason Sipkowsk
Jason Sipkowsk     (512) 299-3557
Keith Liles
Keith Liles     (713) 299-5719