Mankindpride Site Creation

In 2011 on his own accord Alter Nathan Bader
“Courageous Soaring Dolphin” registered and created

In 2015 he transferred the domains and databases to MKP USA. He also created the MKP Spanish gateway site [not currently active]
and the MKPconnect community lists “gbtq-talk” and “gbtq-info”.

He is currently away from active service with MKP.

2 thoughts on “Mankindpride Site Creation”

  1. Just a heads ups that there is a minor typo on the home page: under the heading “What’s your next step?” it needs to read “Got questions? Talk to a man about attending.” So adding the word “a”. That’s it! Terrific site. I’m sending a man here and notice that. Fierce Tigger. Nevada City, California

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